AerCap has announced its major business transactions during the first quarter 2024, including the signing of 82 lease agreements

This included six widebody aircraft, 40 narrowbody aircraft, 26 engines and 10 helicopters.

The company completed 21 purchases for 13 aircraft (including two Airbus A220 Family aircraft, five Airbus A320neo Family aircraft, two Airbus A330neos, three Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and one Boeing 787-9 for AerCap’s owned aircraft portfolio), six engines and two helicopters.

It also completed 49 sale transactions for 35 aircraft (including 13 Airbus A320 Family aircraft, 5 Airbus A320neo Family aircraft, 6 Boeing 737NGs, 2 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, 1 Boeing 757 and 5 Embraer E190s from AerCap’s owned aircraft portfolio and 3 aircraft from AerCap’s managed aircraft portfolio), for 13 engines (including 10 engines from AerCap’s owned engine portfolio and 3 engines from AerCap’s managed engine portfolio) and 1 helicopter.

AerCap is the global leader in aviation leasing with one of the most attractive order books in the industry. AerCap serves approximately 300 customers around the world with comprehensive fleet solutions.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (AER) and is based in Dublin with offices in Shannon, Miami, Singapore, Memphis, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Dubai, Seattle, Toulouse and other locations around the world.
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