Airbus’ first ACJ319neo has successfully completed a test flight lasting 16 hours and 10 minutes, setting a new record for the longest A320 Family flight by an Airbus crew.

The re-engined aircraft flew from Toulouse to northern Greenland and back “in an endurance flight that included a simulated diversion under 180 min extended twin-engine operations rules”, for which the A320 airliner family is already certified.

The aircraft is due to be delivered to K5 Aviation of Germany soon, after ACJ319neo flight trials are completed.

“We want to fly customers to their destination using the quickest routes, as well as delivering unsurpassed comfort and service, and it’s impressive to see such long-range capability at first hand,” said K5 Aviation CEO and Chief Pilot Erik Scheidt, who participated in the flight.

The ACJ319neo is derived from the A320neo airliner family, which features new engines and wingtip-mounted Sharklets.

K5 Aviation’s ACJ319neo is fitted with five additional centre tanks (ACTs) in its cargo-hold, and includes improvements such as a lower cabin altitude for greater passenger comfort.

Corporate jet orders and commitments for A320neo Family-derived aircraft now total 14, Airbus says.

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