4AIR has launched a new online tracking tool that helps business aviation operators track legislation and regulatory initiatives.

The PolicyWatch tool provides visibility into the complex and fast-changing business aviation legislative environment, providing information to aircraft owners and operations on how to meet forthcoming requirements.

“The list of legislative, regulatory and corporate reporting requirements that will directly or indirectly affect aviation operators is growing with unprecedented speed,” said Kennedy Ricci, President of 4AIR. “PolicyWatch keeps aviation operators informed of new legislation and pending requirements that might affect them or their customers, outlines their potential impacts and reveals when they are expected to go into effect. This is part of our expertise and reinforces our existing regulatory compliance and reporting service.”

PolicyWatch is provided free-of-charge online and includes summaries of pending legislation, their status within the legislative process, key deadlines and referential links to the full content of the legislation.

“New regulations could create reporting burdens for you even if your company is not directly affected by the rules. Your clients could fall under new reporting obligations and, therefore, need additional or expanded documentation to meet those requirements,” said Ricci. “PolicyWatch will keep you abreast of the evolving regulatory landscape as it affects you, your clients and the industry.”

PolicyWatch complements 4AIR’s Regulatory Monitoring and Compliance Program that allows operators to monitor their potential direct obligations to national or transnational aircraft emissions reporting requirements, fulfil those obligations automatically, and support indirect emissions reporting requirements similar to those seen in upcoming regulations.

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