2Excel Engineering, a leading provider of aerospace engineering services, has secured a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Part 147 approval for licensed engineer training. Under its new approval, 2Excel Engineering’s Part 66 Engineer Training School can now conduct B1 and B2 type rating courses for the Boeing 727 series and King Air 200 series aircraft at its Hampshire base at Lasham Airfield.

With this new accreditation, 2Excel Engineering can now train its own licensed engineers to assure the company’s long-term resilience and continued success.

2Excel Engineering’s Chief Executive, Matt Caswell, said, “This is another remarkable development in the approvals suite of 2Excel Engineering, giving us the ability to train our own licensed engineers to the highest level, helping the Company to remain resilient for the long-term.” He added that “this achievement not only serves as a powerful tool for recruiting new talent but will also play a pivotal role in retaining existing employees by providing them with valuable career development opportunities and expanding their skill sets.”

2Excel’s Part 147 accreditation is closely linked to a comprehensive company apprenticeship scheme that supports the progression of a new generation of trainee aerospace engineers. By developing the next generation and offering additional qualifications, 2Excel Engineering is enhancing the quality of its workforce at Lasham and providing career advancement opportunities for its people, ultimately boosting their earning potential through relevant type ratings.

As part of its long-term vision, 2Excel Engineering aspires to offer external training opportunities and share the company’s expertise with a wider audience. This commitment not only contributes to the growth and development of the UK’s vital aerospace sector but also aligns with the Government’s national prosperity and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) agendas, fostering a thriving ecosystem of skilled professionals in the industry.


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