2Excel Aviation has agreed a three-year partnership with World Championship Air Race (WCAR) to provide specialist raceplane operational and delivery support to the new international air race series.

The UK-based company has 15 years’ experience in taking airborne concepts and turning them into niche capabilities. 2Excel will use its capabilities and resources to provide operational support, regulatory oversight and maintenance services to the Championship’s AeroGT Series.The company will use its experience as an AOC operator and aerobatic airline to create a framework to offer demonstration flying experiences to media and VIP passengers at race venues.

2Excel Director, Andy Offer, commented: “As 2Excel Aviation celebrates its fifteenth year in operation since acquiring our Air Operators Certificate in 2005, we’re excited to be partnered with such an iconic global sport. In partnership with World Championship Air Race, 2Excel brings a unique wealth of experience as the world’s only aerobatic airline. 2Excel now operates 28 aircraft and with our in-house team of more than 200 highly skilled personnel, the company has the ability to operate special missions having created the capability by modifying, testing and certifying aircraft under its own regulatory approvals.”

“2Excel is in a great position to provide a safe, compliant and reliable world-class service to this exciting, new global series.”

Raceplanes are certified to UK airline safety standards

WCAR Race Series Director, Willie Cruickshank added: “The AeroGT series of the World Championship Air Race is an exciting new classification of air racing sanctioned by the FAI, the World Air Sports Federation and it’s fantastic that we have 2Excel Aviation’s unique experience, knowledge and skillset supporting us in its development and delivery.”

He added: “Modifying, testing and certifying stock production aircraft into specialised high performance raceplanes, with their associated safety, race-data, telemetry and TV camera requirements, is a challenging undertaking in any scenario. However, in this case the task is made all the more difficult as our fleet of Extra 300 aeroplanes are also required to be certified to UK airline safety standards. This enhanced level of engineering and flight operation certification enables WCAR to offer air race fans the unique opportunity to experience the ride of a lifetime through an air-gate race track as the front-seat passenger in a GT class raceplane.”

“2Excel Aviation is undertaking a complex and challenging task which was eloquently portrayed by motor sport legend Colin Chapman as “simplify, then add lightness”. I am absolutely delighted that WCAR is going to be working with such an impressive and innovative aviation services partner.”

The partnership with 2Excel Aviation follows last month’s announcement that Aurora Media Worldwide will produce the global broadcast for World Championship Air Race when the new series makes its debut in the first quarter of 2022.


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