ZeroAvia has reported strong demand for its ZA600, a zero-emission engine for 10-20 seat aircraft that aims to come to market by 2025.

Speaking to FINN at the Sustainable Skies World Summit, Val Miftakhov, founder and CEO of ZeroAvia, said: “Our ZA600 powertrain system that powers 10 to 20 seat aircraft has generated a lot of demand, about 700 orders across the world, in the US, UK, and continental Europe.

“Overall we have about 2,000 engines on pre order, 700 of them the ZA600, as well as larger engines for larger propeller planes which are also in high demand, and even regional jets. These are the three segments that … we’re hoping to bring to market.”

Commenting on the pathway to certification, Miftakhov added: “We have a very good flight test programme in our Kemble facility in the Cotswolds.

“Recently, we have flown our 13th flight successfully. Our flight test vehicle is performing great and we are getting all the data that we need for the certification design and for the certification programme.

“We submitted our certification application to the CAA last December for our first engine, so that is going well, we’re making great progress.”
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