ZeroAvia and AFI KLM E&M have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to study the needs of technicians and mechanics on hydrogen-electric aircraft.

The companies will explore the training needs and processes required for retrofitting and maintaining fleets equipped with this technology in the future. This MoU also covers ongoing support for components.

James Peck, chief customer officer at ZeroAvia, said, “Thanks to this collaboration, we have access to all the experience of a leading player to explore training the MRO community in the technological breakthroughs delivering clean flight. AFI KLM E&M’s commitment will help to ensure that zero–emission aircraft will be operating on commercial routes within the next few years.”

Ton Dortmans, AFI KLM E&M’s EVP KLM engineering and maintenance, added, “ZeroAvia is a recognized pioneer in the sector, with a pragmatic technological approach. Alongside other technological solutions such as sustainable aviation fuels and 100% electric propulsion, we are very interested in ZeroAvia’s promising hydrogen-electric architectures and retrofit plans.

“We firmly believe in the development of ‘zero-carbon’ aviation, and we have decided to make a concrete contribution by mobilizing our expertise and our MRO ecosystem. Developing new machines is one thing. It’s quite another to operate and maintain them and we need to start preparing for that today, together with our partners and customers.”

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