Synthetic sustainable aviation fuel producer Zero Petroleum is to collaborate with Airbus to advance the development of eSAF, working to “enable commercial-scale adoption of the technology by combining their unique resources and expertise”. Zero adds that the agreement could also “lead to a new technology pathway being certified for the everyday use of eSAF in aviation”.

Unlike some other SAF production pathways, Zero Petroleum’s fuel utilises carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water, negating the need for biomass feedstocks while retaining the critical energy of traditional liquid fuels. Airbus has targeted the use of 15% blended SAF by the end of 2024 and at least 30% by 2030.

“By combining Airbus’ legacy of innovation with Zero’s proven, high-performance eSAF solution, we are well positioned to advance on the industry’s net carbon decarbonisation targets faster than today,” explained Zero CEO Paddy Lowe.

Zero notes that itself and Airbus have already “made significant contributions to the field” of sustainable aviation fuel: the former with the Guinness World Record title of ‘first aircraft powered by synthetic fuel’ in 2021, and the French manufacturer with its 100% SAF test flights across military and civil aircraft.

In November 2023, Zero also announced a collaboration “for testing and analysing the next generation of technologies to accelerate the supply of sustainable aviation fuels” with partner Boeing, via the joint establishment of a testing programme at the University of Sheffield’s Energy Innovation Centre.
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