Ampaire, developer of all-electric zero emission airplanes, received the award for top global aerospace startup at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit Deep Tech Challenge in Paris recently.

Hello Tomorrow is a global non-profit on a mission to accelerate the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real-world solutions.

Dedicated to solving two of the biggest issues in air travel: cost and impact on the environment, Ampaire is in development of its first zero emission passenger and cargo airplane. The company aims to initially launch a retrofit of a common turboprop, followed by pilot tests of all-electric jets incorporating the latest technologies to deliver a smooth, quiet and clean flight.

High impact

The Hello Tomorrow award for technological innovation is based on potential for high impact in industry and societal challenges.

“Aviation produces more than 800 million tons of CO2 per year and there is only one real solution to reduce these emissions – electric airplanes,” says Kevin Noertker, CEO of Ampaire. “Ampaire is preparing to lead the transformation of aviation through zero emission flights and reducing airline costs up to 25%.”

Ampaire says its transition to electric aircraft is supported by significant recent progress in battery and motor technologies. Their innovation is in integrating those emerging technologies to meet mission requirements and enhance aircraft capabilities.

Aviation cleans up

FINN’s editor-in-chief, Alan Peaford, recently looked at the innovation going on in aviation to clean up the industry’s act. Read the full post.

He writes: “The environmental challenge to aviation is nothing new. The industry has in the past been dismissive and defensive but is now moving towards constructive. Technology and innovation are finally delivering the green shoots of sustainability.”

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