The idea of improving airline food is likely something we can all get on board with. At EBACE in Geneva recently, Lufthansa Technik demonstrated its Induction Cooking Platform.

From the perfect fried egg to prawns or a sizzling rib-eye steak, the system allows fresh food to be prepared on board quickly, safely, cleanly and economically.  Miriam Fontius, project manager, Lufthansa Technik, gave us a demonstration of the system.

With the Induction Cooking Platform, you can prepare any fresh food that you can on the ground.

By Miriam Fontius, project manager, Lufthansa Technik

The platform fits into any aircraft galley, with dimensions of just 570 x 269 x 4 millimeters and a weight of just 13.5 kilograms. It is being offered as an all-in-one solution, including power unit, exhaust fan and special cover and locking systems to ensure that pots and pans remain in place even during turbulence.

The system is modular and has a number of safety features such as an electromagnet that heats the base of the pot but not the cook-top itself, and a hood to prevent fumes and splashes.

The system will be ready to be integrated into airplanes in February next year, Fontius said.