*image courtesy of edm aerotec

Piasecki Aircraft Corp. (PIAC) and edm aerotec are adding a fuel cell to a small, two-seat rotorcraft to create the world’s first helicopter to run on hydrogen.

Based in Pennsylvania, PIAC has a long history of designing experimental aircraft for civil and military applications.

CEO John Piasecki told a recent symposium at the Vertical Flight Society that his company would be performing the world’s first human-carrying flight tests aboard edm aerotec’s CoAX-2D helicopter. The hydrogen-powered CoAX-2D would use an 80-kW HyPoint high-temperature proton-exchange membrane (HTPEM) fuel cell, according to EVTOL.news.

Germany-based edm aerotec has certified its CoAX-2D as a light-sport aircraft under the German airworthiness authority. The two companies are collaborating to bring the CoAX-2D to the US market.

Developing and complementing

Edm aerotec CEO Anja Ernst said the two companies would continue to develop the helicopter independently, but would also work together.  “Both partners can continue to develop and complement their know-how—this is the perfect prerequisite for future developments,” he said.

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