Russian Helicopters reports that it has successfully completed preliminary flight tests of the Mi-26T2V helicopter, which is the largest helicopter in the world.

The aircraft is being prepared for a handover to the Russian Ministry of Defence to do joint official tests.

The customer requested that the Mi-26T2V should also be tested in regions with complex physical, geographical and climatic conditions, in various conditions, Russian Helicopters says.

Upgraded model

The upgraded Mi-26 model includes a modern integrated NPK90-2V avionics suite, a digital flight centre, multi-function colour LCD indicators and a new airborne defence complex Vitebsk that repels as well as detects attacks.

A statement from Russian Helicopters, which is part of Rostec State Corporation, said: “Mi-26T2 lighting equipment is now adapted for use with night vision goggles, and the cockpit is equipped with new energy-absorbing seats for the crew. There are also improvements to a navigation system and satellite communications of the helicopter.”

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