Trevor Higgs, General Manager, Airbus UK said aerospace companies will have to “change our mode of thinking” to tackle the challenges of creating the next generation of sustainable flight.

Speaking at the opening of GKN Aerospace’s UK Global Technology Centre, Higgs advocated working together and the application of a range of technologies to cut emissions at GKN Aerospace’s Global Technology Centre in Bristol, which brings together engineers to work on sustainable flight.

Higgs said: “This period right now is hugely important to be able to transform the way that we move today to what we’ll be moving tomorrow from our traditional perspective in terms of what we’ve done in the past and moving that forward particularly in terms of sustainable aviation fuels and the use of hydrogens.”

“The wider ecosystem is fundamental to the UK, to Europe and of course to the globe and the challenges we face in going forward. We can work in a much more collaborative manner, working together to find good answers, solid answers to those problems that we face and it’s fundamental in our approach.”

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