The World Economic Forum is working to bring the aerospace industry and policy makers together to solve some of the toughest challenges currently facing the sector, said David Hyde, who leads the organisation’s sustainable aviation division.

From lowering carbon emissions to addressing the introduction of urban aerial mobility vehicles and other new technologies.

Public-private cooperation

“We like to see ourselves as the international organisation for public-private cooperation,” Hyde said during the Farnborough International Airshow 2022.

“Within that role, we like to bring together industry and policy makers to solve some of the really tough problems that need to be addressed to realise the benefits of of these transformational technologies.”

Sustainable aviation fuels

Hyde added: “What the forum does, is really look across all of the different levers that are going to need to be pulled in the right way to actually solve this problem [of meeting net zero].

“The project I lead is focused on electric and hydrogen aviation – but we know that’s a more distant solution.

“Before we even get to that, we’re going to have to look at how we can scale up the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

“We have a sister initiative looking at that, both from a demand perspective … but also from a supply perspective.”
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