Image: Silent Yachts

Derby based eVTOL aircraft maker, VRCO, has partnered with Silent Yachts to offer purchasers of Silent’s new 120 Explorer yacht an all-electric Xcraft XP4 eVTOL aircraft.

VRCO has a vision for a flying car with a new form of personal aircraft as the initial phase.

The vertical take-off and landing craft is designed to be capable of carrying four people. It features detection and avoidance technology with safety measures including a ballistic parachute and low altitude crash prevention systems. Working with key industry partners at the forefront of the UK’s power storage systems, the craft will be fast-charging and have enhanced range.

A full-size build should be completed later this year with operational testing in 2023 and certification beginning in 2024/25. The concept’s feasibility and power optimisation studies were undertaken by the University of Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering.

Water toys

Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent Yachts said: “The trend is for bigger yachts and more luxury, more comfort, more water toys and more possibilities. In the Silent 120 Explorer we designed a boat that is bigger in volume although not in length and bigger gives the opportunity to store more of these toys. The extra beam of the catamaran form means the roof can accommodate an eVTOL aircraft. We can plug it in on board and it will be recharged in a couple of hours.”

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