The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) has called on President Trump to immediately reopen government agencies affected by partial government shutdown, which began on December 22.

The AIA noted that as well as delaying funding and depriving government workers of pay, the shutdown is having a substantial ripple effect on industry.

For instance, it notes that with the Departments of State and Commerce closed, export licences can no longer be processed, delaying the delivery of products to foreign customers.

Tech advances delayed

“Major research projects at FAA, NASA and NOAA are suspended, setting back development of game-changing technologies. And key industry-government stakeholder meetings have been cancelled or impaired because government counterparts aren’t able to attend or participate,” the AIA said.

Eric Fanning, AIA President and CEO, commented: “Every day the shutdown lasts, the impacts grow and become more difficult and more expensive to fix. It’s time to get these dedicated public servants back to work.”

Around 800,000 workers are understood to be affected. The shutdown is over funding for President Trump’s proposed border wall.

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