Urban air mobility is in the spotlight in Farnborough, UK, at two key events.

Urban air mobility is in the spotlight in Farnborough, UK. A major global summit exploring technology and regulation takes place this September (the inaugural Global Urban Air Summit), and the 2020 Farnborough International Airshow will feature a dedicated Urban Air Zone.

The field of urban air mobility is seeing intense activity given the increased demand for sustainable mobility solutions, fuelled by population and economic growth.

World’s biggest showcase

Part of the Airshow’s ‘Innovation Hub’, the Urban Air Zone will be the world’s biggest single showcase of the technology and innovation that is aiming to revolutionise how the world flies.

Farnborough International says it is the first time the future of transport will be so broadly exhibited, and some of the world’s most dynamic organisations are set to participate.

Joe Muir, Head of Aerospace Sales, Farnborough International, said: “Transport is part of our social conversation in so many ways, whether that’s congestion, pollution or expense. Urban air presents a very exciting solution to many of those issues.”

Inaugural event

The 2020 Airshow’s Urban Air Zone follows on from this September’s Global Urban Air Summit (GUAS). The two-day event (3-4 September), hosted at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, brings international regulators together with industry leaders to explore the technology and how it will operate for the first time.

Muir commented: “Through GUAS and the Urban Air Zone, we’re enabling companies to come together, demonstrate and explore urban air mobility solutions. Concepts that seemed far-fetched a couple of years ago are on the cusp of being brought to life and offering consumers an alternative future for flight.”

“The future is here”

As well as a conference programme and exhibition, there will be a schedule of workshops involving delegates in interactive sessions that encourage knowledge-sharing and cooperation across the sector.

Both the Urban Air Zone at FIA20 and September’s GUAS are international events which will host representatives from across Asia, Europe and the US.

“Farnborough International is propelling urban air mobility to the mainstream: the future is here,” Muir said.

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