Universal Avionics, an Elbit Systems company, is bringing military technology to the commercial world with its latest head-up, head-down flight deck system.

Grady Dees, Director, Technical Services, Universal Avionics, told FINN: “The Heli EVS from Elbit is a very complementary system to our heads-down displays, and we’re displaying some new innovations in being able to use the line-of-sight functionality in the heads-up display.”


Dees also explained the key differences between EVS (Enhanced Vision System) and (Enhanced Flight Vision System).

He said: “The EVS really is just enhanced vision camera systems that you see from a variety of vendors, but EFVS combines that enhanced vision camera system with flight symbology into a head wearable or heads-up display system.

“With EFVS technologies, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has changed the rules such that in the fixed-wing marketplace, you can actually get credit for descending below minimums on IFR (instrument flight rules)approaches with the EFVS  functionality.

Dees explained: “In the rotorcraft market, it really brings enhanced safety. It’s something that allows the pilot to see through conditions that they could not normally see through, with a multi-spectral camera from Elbit.”

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