UMS Skeldar recently launched its V-200B VTOL platform. UMS Skeldar’s David Willems outlines what’s new.

“It’s a completely new aircraft,” Willems says. “It looks like the older one, but everything is new inside. Great endurance, more performance, better reliability, more robustness – this is a game-changer.”

The V-200B offers five hours of endurance with full payload, Willems says. It includes a Hirth-developed engine, with heavy fuel licensed technology from Australia’s Orbital Corporation, and has the ability to integrate up to three different sensors at once.

The aircraft is also multi-mission, Willems notes. It can use the same configuration for maritime operations or land-based operations.

Developed with customers

Willems says UMS Skeldar worked closely with customers to deliver the latest version of the aircraft.

“I think we have taken into account all their wishes, and we have managed to include all of them today in a very simple and robust platform. This is exactly [why I call it] a game changer. We’re meeting, finally, the customers’ ultimate requirements.”

He adds: “We have started to market it worldwide, from Australia to Canada and, of course, in Europe and the Middle East. This is a multi-mission platform that will suit many of the requirements today.”

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