The UK showcased some of its latest innovations in space and defence technologies at IDEX in Abu Dhabi.

Visitors to the UK Defence & Security Exports display were welcomed by Major Rob Deane from the British Embassy in Dubai who explained how UK innovations including cube satellites could help future space endeavour. With 50 per cent of the UK’s defence exports heading to the Middle East region, the country was also now pushing its space potential in the direction of the Gulf’s space programmes and collaboration projects.

Offering “space as a service”

Major Deane said the satellite and space products from UK companies X Robotics and Nano Avionics would help more companies to achieve their objectives in space. He said: “These two companies are trying to lower the bar in terms of space entry, we’re trying to make it cheaper, more cost effective. And of course, lowering that complexity and offering space as a service to get your get your leads into space as quickly as possible.”

Describing how the technology could help with payloads and power for applications such as Moon landings, Maj Deane added: “This is very exciting, scalable and modular technology that makes life a lot easier for the consumer and more accessible.”

Horizon Technologies received orders for a FlyingFish Sat Phone and geolocation system from a UAE prime contractor for use on a surveillance aircraft to monitor critical infrastructure in the region. CEO of the data and sat communications company John Beckner said the company would be providing maritime domain awareness data to customers from the autumn following its launch in August.

Surrey Satellites were showing some stunning images from space as Major Deane explained: “It’s quite impressive considering this is not a scale model. This is literally the size of a washing machine and produces fantastic results which you can see on the on the screen behind me.”

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