UAVs carry out a number of different roles around the world. Sometimes people have an issue that they have to buy a different UAV for different jobs. UAViator is showing how you can do many varied tasks with one UAV. We talked to Andras Gyarmati, Managing Director, UAViator Drones.

The 7-metre wingspan Hammerhead drone has VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capability and can carry up to 25kg of payload, either inside its inner storage room (50cmX30cmX20cm) or outside on different, combinable pods as under carriage.

Gyarmati says: “It’s up to the user what kind of equipment they have on board. We are ready to equip and install anything from satellite communications to anything the imagination can come up with.”

The company is also working in an innovative idea around tethering – watch the video above for more information.