Mike Orange, Director of Cecence explains how thermoplastics can be “tuned” with rubber to dampen down vibrations and cabin noise

Composite manufacturer Cecence has a background of working with Formula One and the Yachting world.

The company manufacturers fireproof composites and is now manufacturing lightweight parts for aerospace cabin applications. In 2018, the company made around 3,000 economy class seats for Airbus’A320 neo and A321 neo.Orange explains: “We believe its the first all composite seat that Airbus has fitted to their line.

We were working with a client who has a fairly lightweight seat already but we were able to take 20 per cent out of current seatback weight and give them a new class of seat.”

Reducing cabin noise

As well as manufacturing lightweight seats, the company is also trying to reduce cabin noise through use of different materials. Orange explained that difference materials have different resonance: “We can actually start to tune the thermoplastics by using different rubbers in them. We can tune out cabin noise and engine rumble and make the environment you are in a lot quieter with a lot less vibrations.”

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