Adam Boniecki, Trakka Systems, tells FINN about innovative applications for its imaging systems.

Trakka Systems designs, manufactures and markets Forward-Looking Infrared (Radar) FLIR systems for helicopters. They’re used for missions such as law enforcement, search & rescue, border security, emergency medical services, and more.

Its imaging systems are now increasingly used for powerline inspections too.

Adam Boniecki, Trakka Systems, said: “It’s a special system that has been produced to inspect power lines in various countries all over the world. The sensors are specialised to detect faults that can occur on transmission lines, on structures and on insulators.”

The SWE-300 HDIR/Triple and SWE-400 QUAD multi-sensor imaging systems can detect both corona discharge and thermal discharge, Boniecki said.

He explained: “If you see a corona discharge, then there is some problem on the line so that component has to be replaced. Basically, our equipment helps the power utility company to save money by doing preventative maintenance as opposed to reactive maintenance if there is a failure.”

The systems are being used globally. Western Power Distribution is the most recent customer, purchasing a number of systems for installation on its EC135 helicopters.

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