Current contract levels lead to expansion in both headcount and production space for aerospace metal and plastics manufacturer Tool Gauge over next four years

Tool Gauge is set to double the size of its factory floor as well as its headcount to keep pace with the aerospace industry’s ever-increasing needs for enhanced performance, accuracy, repeatability, efficiency and cost savings,

The manufacturer of plastics and metals primarily serves the commercial aircraft market, both in terms of current productions and out of production spares. The expansion will enable the company to expand its plastics press range, broaden secondary operations, and house a vertical paint system leading to shorter lead times, enhanced product quality, and better cost control.

90,000 sq ft of additional production space

The facility is based in Tacoma, Washington, 35 miles from Boeing. General manager Jim Lee GM Tool Gauge said: “Business is strong and we are nearing the end of our Phase One construction of our facility expansion, which will give us about 90,000 sq ft of additional production space.”

Describing the company’s product line, he said: “On the plastic side, we do two types of plastics, cosmetic that you would see on the interior of the aircraft and then structural, things that go on the wing.”

“On the metals side, we primarily do landing gear spares manufacturing and that’s all machine metals both milled and turned.”

The new plant is set to double the size of the company over the coming years. Lee added: “We have contracts in hand now that will double the size of our company over the next four years. So we are going to hire around 100 more employees and go from about 150 to 250 over the next three years.”

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