There’s nothing more irritating than when you’re on a night flight and the person sitting next to you turns on the reading light, meaning you can’t sleep. STG Aerospace is aiming to put an end to that with its world-first square reading light. We talked to the company’s CEO, Nigel Duncan.

Nigel Duncan explained: “We’ve looked at trying to give the passengers a little more privacy and control in what is a very cramped and difficult environment. We thought we’d go a little bit further than that and we’d actually try to improve the quality of the light as well.”

He added: “So not only is it the world’s first square reading light, meaning that it doesn’t spill onto other passengers, but it also has a very high quality of light so you can read better, the food looks more appetising, and, in general, it improves the well-being of the passenger at the same time.”