Aerobility is a charity that makes aviation accessible to people with disability. Whatever the disability, whatever the challenge, Aerobility will get someone flying in a specially adapted aircraft.

Mike-Miller Smith, CEO of Aerobility spoke of his history with aviation and how his disability in his 20’s turned the switch from flying himself to helping others with a disability to fly. He explained: “I’ve always had an interest in aviation. I started flying a light aircraft as a teenager, but unfortunately in my 20’s I became disabled with muscular dystrophy. But I moved into the corporate sector, picked up some skills and knowledge to run a charity and then spread the word.”

“Any disability is a challenge, every day disabled people face challenges, so we have to innovate around those challenges. And aviation and flying is a great tool to help people tackle these challenges.”

Aviation being that supportive community

Speaking about the foundations and roots of the charity, Miller-Smith explained: “Disabled people don’t always get to find out what their abilities are, because perhaps they have an environment around them which brings them together because of their disability. Aviation is a wonderful place to find out what your abilities are, it’s a very supportive community around aviation. Bit of a cliche, but the sky is a brilliant place to find out what you can do, not what you can’t.”

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