Last month Airbus delivered the world’s first A350-1000 widebody airliner to launch customer Qatar Airways. We recently took a closer look at the aircraft and talked to Jason Sutcliffe from Rolls Royce about the two Trent XWB-97 engines which power it.

Sutcliffe said: “A bit of a hint there [in the name]. That’s 97,000 pounds of thrust. It’s our most powerful engine. We inserted an awful lot of technology into this engine to give it the power, but also make it the world’s most efficient large aero engine. The engine alone will save a customer up to $2.5 million a year per aircraft in fuel alone, which is fantastic. We’re leaps and bounds from where we’ve come from.”

On reducing emissions, Sutcliffe added: “The bypass ratio is 9:1 on this engine, so nearly 85 to 90% of the thrust is provided from the cold section. It’s extremely quiet, extremely efficient, and meets and exceeds all the regulations that are required of it.”

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