Travellers missing the long haul experience can tuck into airline food at one of Thai Airways’ new pop up cafes.

The  airline has come up with a way for grounded passengers to get a taste of the in flight experience with meals dished up by cabin crew. Thai Airways’ entire fleet has been grounded for months after the country’s government halted flights in April. The airline has also facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.

Meals dished up by grounded cabin crew

Thai Catering, part of Thai Airways, has been already giving passengers a taste of the skies, selling airline food take aways and dishing up in flight meals at pop up restaurants. Passengers can also dine out at the the head office staff canteen in Bangkok, which has been turned into an in flight dining experience without leaving the ground.

“Passengers” embark into the cafe by walking up plane style steps. Each diner has been issued with a boarding pass, which is scanned by check in staff and diners can choose between economy and business class seating options. Once inside, they settle themselves into airline seats and eat food chosen from the on board menu off tables made from old aircraft parts.

Diners can choose a bakery selection from 7am and from 9am, the airline’s all day international menu which includes Caesar Salad, Japanese yakisoba, and shwarma kebabs.

The venture has allowed Thai Airways and Thai Catering to bring back some of their staff into active service.

Video:  South China Morning Post