Texel Air, owned by Chisholm Enterprises, is a forward-thinking business providing air freight transportation from its hub in Bahrain.

The ACMI/charter cargo airline and aircraft maintenance repair organisation (MRO) supports its global clients from its Middle Eastern hub, having expanded over the last decade from two leased Boeing 737s to a fleet of five wholly owned and operated modified B737s.

Among its fleet, Texel Air is the world’s only commercial operator of the B737-700FlexCombi, which can be configured to carry cargo and passengers simultaneously.

Efficient and flexible

George Chisholm, CEO of Chisholm Enterprises, the parent company of Texel air, said the aircraft was both efficient and flexible.

“We have seven different configurations we can switch the aeroplane between, and that enables us to change between contract, or seasons,” he explained.

“When we took delivery in the middle of a pandemic, we converted it into a full freighter, and since the pandemic has slowed, we’ve gone back to more of a combi operation.”

‘Tried and trusted platform’

Conveniently located within easy reach of Europe, Asia and Africa, Texel Air is well placed to serve a wide array of markets, from precious or live cargo to on-demand aircraft charters.

Commenting on how the fleet of modern Boeing 737 aircraft helps the company achieve that goal, Patrick Fennell, Chief Operating Officer of Texel Air, said: “It is a tried and trusted platform. It has been in use for over 20 years in the passenger space, it is a very reliable aircraft and you have the support of one of the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers.

“It has excellent operating economics, there’s a wide abundance of spare parts and a wide abundance of pilots to fly them. This platform is ideal for customers who want to combine cargo and passengers.”

New technology

In addition, the aircraft has an extensive list of modifications and upgrades to support military, government and utility flying.

The aircraft is also packed with the latest technology, ensuring it is both safe and efficient.

Brett Gibson, Captain/Technical Pilot, Flight Operations at Texel Air, noted: “We have the head up display system and we’re about to go with the enhanced flight vision system. It’s a good mix of products for our needs.”

Horse charter service

Among the Texel Air offerings is a horse charter service. The company has purchased HAY Horse Stalls: heavy-duty non-collapsible stalls allowing up to three horses to be transported.

HAY Horse Stalls are certified by EASA and have the availability of kick- doors, ramp entrances, vibration-damping base, easy water and feeding access, as well as adjustable ventilation to reduce stress and guarantee the safety of the horse during transport.

Previously, Texel Air used collapsible stalls that were only suitable for internal aircraft use, which was a timely exercise, sometimes requiring up to five hours to prep the aircraft and load the horses.

‘Streamlining the process’

The HAY Horse Stalls will be used on Texel Air’s full fleet of aircraft fitting up to 21 horses per flight plus grooms for each horse.

“It streamlines the whole process,” said Gavin Lawlor, Commercial Manager at Texel Air.

“We can fit in the charter of horses amongst our other business, so we have less ground time at origin and destination. And it’s safer for the aircraft.”
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