Tekever, which specialises in maritime surveillance, has been awarded a renewed three-year contract by the UK Home Office to provide surveillance across the English Channel, using its cutting-edge AR5 and AR3 drones.

Under the terms of the contract, Tekever will be responsible for the provision of its AR5 system, a twin-engine fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed for maritime surveillance missions.

The AR5 which can fly for more than 20 hours, carry multiple sensors, including maritime radars, synthetic aperture radars, day and night cameras and AIS and EPIRB receivers, will operate as part of the Home Office contract over the English Channel.

It will detect and recognise potentially illegal vessels, track and identify them, and provide the authorities with real-time and highly accurate intelligence.

Drone-based maritime surveillance

In addition, the AR3 provides flexible sensor options and 16h endurance with a very reduced logistics footprint, making it ideal for the most demanding tactical scenarios.

Used either in its VTOL-mode, or launched with a highly mobile catapult system and recovered using a parachute or a net, AR3 is ideal to create a complementary response to AR5 missions.

Since the establishment of operations in June 2019, Tekever has delivered thousands of maritime surveillance flight hours. Carrying out missions with humanitarian purposes, Tekever UAV data has been a critical component of a multiagency operation that has saved more than 84,000 lives.

Commenting on the award of the contract, Paul Webb, Tekever Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are very pleased to be renewing our work with the UK Home Office and proud of the partnership we have created to date, where we get to be part of a greater and more meaningful cause that is impacting lives every day.

“This award vindicates our continued commitment to protecting and preserving human life through AI-driven drone surveillance built to detect the dangerous act of human trafficking and illegal fishing activities.”

Trusted partner

Dr Neil Honeyman, Chief Technology Officer for the Home Office’s Small Boats Operational Command, added: “Tekever is a trusted partner and we are delighted to continue our excellent working relationship with them over the next three years, using their cutting-edge systems as part of our continued efforts to tackle this illegal and extremely dangerous activity in the English Channel.”

Tekever’s UAVs are developed and produced in Europe, in development centres and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and Portugal.
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