Tekever, a European leader in advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has been chosen by Aerial Robotix, a Nigerian UAS operator, for environmental monitoring of oil and gas infrastructure in Nigeria.

Based out of their client’s facility, Tekever’s AR3 carries out 6-hour flight missions six days a week at distances of up to 85km from the GCS (ground station) and provides live feedback imagery through Tekever’s Atlas software direct to the client over an area of more than 30,000km2.

Since the service began in late 2022, the AR3 has flown more than 500 hours, covering over 41,000km and detected more than 400 points of interest (POIs).

Local benefits

The partnership between Tekever and Aerial Robotix is impacting the local economy in a positive manner, as local operators have successfully undergone training.

The training program will continue to support the local community while generating new jobs and career opportunities in the high-tech industry.

Ricardo Mendes, CEO of Tekever, said: “It is an exciting time for Tekever, as we grow our customer base in the energy sector, and expand our presence in Africa. Our cutting-edge technology provides our clients with real time intelligence over their critical infrastructure and its surroundings. This has already been proved to be extremely valuable in identifying potential threats to operations.”

Reliable and advanced

Kolapo Sodeinde of Aerial Robotix said: “Together with Tekever, we can access hard-to-reach and dangerous areas to conduct inspections on behalf of our client. This technology is more reliable and advanced than conventional manned inspection teams.”

Aerial Robotix was formed in 2016 to provide UAV Inspections, Surveys, Surveillance, and Mapping services in the West African region.

Tekever delivers real-time intelligence across ultra-wide areas, providing customers with the most advanced and flexible solutions. These comprise both “as-a-service”, and “self-reliant” adoption options. Tekever UAS are capable of flying up to 20 hours continuously and use a wide combination of sensors.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter