Technology is going to fundamentally change how aerospace companies operate, said Joyce Kline, of Accenture’s global data analytics division.

She said there were opportunities for aerospace companies to drive efficiencies by embracing this new technology.

Digital transformation

“Clearly some of those opportunities are around how to drive innovation, how to sustain that innovation,” she said.

“And I think one of the key things that we’re seeing from the standpoint of technological change is that there’s a need for embracing things like data and digital transformation. There’s new ways of doing things.

“The speed of technology is now happening at an incredible rate. So how can we harness some of that to actually bring about change that impacts how people get their jobs done?

“This can be things around how a worker does their task. There’s automation that we can bring about, there’s AI that can occur or the insights from data to basically change and fundamentally have a process done differently.”

Sustainability goals

Kline added that sustainability goals would also lead to new ways of operating.

“This is an industry that’s based on innovation, the foundation of it going back many, many years is all about change and transformation,” she said.

“There are so many things that are happening that are impacting the industry. Let’s just take the sustainability challenges, net zero by 2050. That’s a big … technology driven change that will occur within many of the companies.”
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