The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Thales have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), paving the way for deeper collaboration on R&D, and solutions development for mission critical systems design.

The partnership is reflective of Thales’ commitment to research and technology as the industry evolves in the wake of greater digitisation. The company is investing in in digital innovations — connectivity, Big Data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity — which support businesses, organisations and governments to make informed decisions. The company has worked with customers and partners in user-centred innovation, co-designing, prototyping and testing of new concepts across various sectors including defence and security, aerospace, air traffic management and smart cities.

Agreement includes drones, robotics and cybersecurity

SUTD is a multidisciplinary university positioned to undertake research and seek solutions to aviation challenges by bringing design and technology expertise in various research areas. Thales will strengthen SUTD’s capabilities in the digitalisation and development of cutting-edge local solutions for key topics that include drones, robotics and cybersecurity.

Over the last six years, Thales and SUTD have worked closely on innovation topics at Thales’ Innovation Hub. Thales has also hosted 10 SUTD interns since 2013 and participated in SUTD’s Capstone Programme, a final year student project based on real-world problems set by the industry. The MoU reinforces the collaboration, with Thales translating academic research into innovative practical solutions as well as cultivating a talent pipeline from SUTD by offering an experience to work on real-world projects.

Digital technologies evolving at rapid-fire pace

Kevin Chow, Country Director & CEO, Thales in Singapore said: “Thales is aware that digital technologies are constantly evolving at a rapid-fire pace. These solutions have to be applicable to real-life challenges and use-cases, and there is no better way than to do it in direct collaboration with design experts. As two organisations driven by the excitement of digital technology, I’m thrilled that Thales will be working with SUTD on topics like unmanned air mobility and cybersecurity, in mission critical systems, to develop smarter solutions that can answer to Singapore’s digital ambitions.”

Lim King Boon, General Manager of Partnership, Innovation and Enterprise at SUTD said: “Thales, with its strong commitment to research and technology, is a valued industry partner for SUTD. We are pleased to see that our collaborations with Thales have blossomed over the years and this partnership will strongly benefit our students and faculty, keeping them constantly abreast with the latest industry developments. With this new round of research projects jointly identified under the MOU, we will further advance our research partnership. Together with Thales, SUTD hopes to co-design and co-develop novel solutions in the aviation sector that can eventually benefit Singapore and the world.”