Jessica Gagen, holder of the Miss England title and an aerospace engineering student, has a simple message for girls considering a career in the industry: “Just go for it.”

In an exclusive interview with FINN, the 27-year-old from Lancashire said pursuing an engineering qualification “can open so many doors”, and stressed that women should not be excluded from the sector.

“I think it is really beneficial for young girls to see someone who is typically quite feminine in a role that has been stereotyped as being very male,” she said.

“I’d like to think that in a few years I could class myself as a role model and I’m trying my best to be one.”

Problem solving

Gagen, who is studying a masters degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Liverpool, is the first redhead to hold the Miss England title and will represent the country at the Miss World contest next year.

She has used her following on social media to promote STEM subjects and aerospace careers – and to explain complicated topics in an engaging and inclusive way.

Commenting on the exciting career ahead of her, Gagen said: “There is a lot of variety, you can work with so many different people on different projects, and just have a fun work day.

“Especially if you like problem solving, because at the end of the day that is what an engineer is.”
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