New development will enable operators using red in their branding to use colour within aircraft cabin

STG Aerospace has launched the first red floor lighting product.

Kate Williams Brand Marketing Manager of the Wales-based aircraft lighting solutions manufacturer said brands that use red would now be able to use the colour within the cabin.

Colour has been issue for the industry

She explained why the colour had been previously unavailable within the MRO industry and within the company’s photoluminescent saf-Tglo range. She said: “It’s basically because of lighting – it’s quite difficult to get red to show up under certain lights.”

“It has been an issue for the industry before so it has been a challenge, but our guys, our experts in the lab are very clever chaps and have been able to solve it.”

She added that a matt finish was now available for the first time and the product had been made easier and quicker to install on flights.

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