SteelRock’s NightFighter counter UAV system tackles the growing threat posed by UAVs. In can be used in a range of scenarios, from military and government buildings and compounds to airport perimeters, prisons, sports events and film sets. We talked to SteelRock’s co-founder, Rupert English, to find out more.

On the NightFighter’s USP, English says you can sum it up in two words: “Performance and safety”.

He explained: “What we’ve done is had to look at everything that’s out there in terms of counter UAV devices, both kinetic and directed energy using radio frequencies, and we’ve tried to work out how can we improve upon existing technology to increase range and to increase the breadth of coverage of the device to not only encounter and deal with standard commercial drones, but also custom drones.

“Critically for us, it’s about the safety of the operator who’s operating the device, and also the safety of the surrounding area and environment. We have tried to formulate technology which addresses the threat effectively, but does it in a way that’s very directional, very accurate and precise, so it’s not causing collateral damage and unintended consequences, such as knocking out police radios, pacemakers, and other communications equipment.”

Watch the video for further insights.

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