Startup innovations were on show alongside the big brands at The Dubai Airshow.

FINN took a look at the diverse range of projects on show in the event’s startup zone.

Mohamed Shawky, Founder and CEO of GeoDrones said: “We use our drones our industrial grade drones to do surveying mapping and inspections and surveillance for multiple sectors in the UAE and in the industrial sector to save time and provide the best quality that they are looking for. The drone industry is expected to reach $1.5 billion dollars – I’m talking only about UAE so it has an immense effect on the social and the cultural impact of the society.”

Boosting passenger confidence

Peter Bahraini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AeroHygen X was exhibiting the company’s UVC autonomous disinfection tool, used to disinfect cabins in a short short time frame. He hoped the invention would help the aviation industry to recover from the losses of the Covid-19 pandemic: “We wanted to do our part, we wanted to do something to boost passenger confidence, increase safety and basically get everybody the industry back to to where it was in 2019.”

Startups were also reaching high in the emerging urban air mobility sector. Zen Huang, Brand and Strategy Director of Bellwether Industries said: “We’re focused specifically on private transport, we believe that that’s a better solution for last mile and a better solution to actually solve people’s daily use cases and change their lifestyles. If i save you three hours in the day, you have three hours more to do something with.”

Urban air mobility vehicle “respects” the dimension of cities

Huang said the new vehicle “respects the dimensions of cities were built by”. He added: “Currently with traditional aircraft you need a lot of space and our entire goal is to maintain accessibility so let’s say for example you’re living at home and you want something straight out of your door – this is it. “

In the space sector Wael Khatib, Founder of Virtual Satellites said: “We are trying to develop a new technology for satellite communication, it might be the new generation of satellite communication where we can send signals from transmitter to receivers directly without an intermediate satellite in between we send signals from one ground station to another ground station in a curved line, not in astraight line so in this case  we can send signals to very long distances because the earth is like a sphere in this case we can utilize this technology for telecommunication but without the physical satellite.”

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