FINN finds out more about Starling Aerospace’s next-generation VIP Track and Swivel Seat.

The new seat tracks sideways, forward and backwards and now has an electric headrest, recline and leg rest. The product, which is certified for 9G and 16G, can turn 359 degrees and has been designed to lie almost flat at 179 degrees. The VIP Track and Swivel Seat can accommodate passengers over 6 feet in height.

Coralie Wigg, Director/Co-owner at Starling Aerospace, told FINN: “It’s a seat that can track in any direction and stop in any direction within about 10 inches, which is unique. It will swivel 360 degrees.”

This feature is ideal for business customers who want to work while they fly, Wigg says.

She explained: “When they take off, they might all be forward-facing and then the two in front can turn their seats around and they can have a meeting and perhaps have a table between them. It’s a VIP conference area.”

The seat can also be installed without replacing plane carpets, thanks to its unique design features.

The seat will be in production this summer and the lead time will be about eight weeks – upholstery is customised to customer requirements.

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