To improve its global access to the emerging, high-growth commercial aviation connectivity market, ST Electronics has signed an agreement with SatixFy UK to jointly invest in a UK-based, joint venture company. The agreement was entered into through ST Electronics Satcom & Sensor Systems subsidiary, which will develop a state-of-the-art satellite antenna system for that purpose.

ST Electronics plans to invest about US$20 million for a 49% stake in the joint venture, while the remaining 51% will be held by SatixFy UK. The concept was showcased at the Smart City Cluster of the ST Engineering booth at Singapore Airshow. It uses digital beam forming technology based on SatixFy UK’s chip technology.

Seamless, simultaneous

This technology promises seamless and simultaneous communications with multiple satellites, at higher performance, but lower size, weight and power, and considerably lower cost than other solutions, according to ST Electronics.

As well as providing better broadband for passengers, the technology is intended to improve the operational efficiencies of commercial and business airline operators. SatixFy UK is designing advanced silicon-based antenna chips that can be steered electronically.

Yoel Gat, CEO, SatixFy Limited, the parent company of SatixFy UK, said: “[This] bring[s] together our respective strengths in satellite solutions and aerospace …the satellite industry is undergoing significant changes with the launch of various low or medium earth orbit constellations and ultra high throughput satellites.”