Collaborations between space agencies and commercial space sector suppliers will pave the way for new data and new solutions to some of the planet’s biggest problems, according to Elodie Viau of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Viau is the director of telecommunications and integrated applications at ESA, bringing the disciplines together for observation, navigation and telecommunications. Viau opened Space-Comm Expo and was a keynote speaker at the event which brought the space industry together to gain new ideas, network and debate the industry’s next steps.

From data to information

She said: “The sector is really growing fast, especially that now space is interacting with the non space actors to bring new solutions to the market. It’s really getting towards commercialisation, with new actors that are entering and with new innovative ideas in getting the data, it’s about getting from data to information.”

“It’s about going to the next step of bringing space and non space together in order to create tomorrow’s solutions, we have solutions that has been extremely important during the Covid phase, and space is going to innovate and bring technological solution for new challenges like the ones that we are financing for climate.”

Viau said satellites were being used to explore solutions which would be used to reduce plane emissions, and communications for automated vehicles.

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