Image: Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection has launched its latest automated detection algorithm, iCMORE Prohibited Items.
iCMORE Prohibited Items is the latest addition to Smiths Detection’s family of smart and adaptable automatic object recognition algorithms. The software has been targeted to achieve the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) new Automated Prohibited Items Detection Systems (APIDS) certification.

iCMORE Prohibited Items uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to automatically detect items determined to be a security risk at airport security checkpoints such as firearms, knives, scissors, axes, grenades, blasting caps, ammunition and blunt objects. With certification, such algorithms could lead to a more automated screening process which would enable alarm-only viewing of X-ray images at airport passenger checkpoints. Alarm only viewing has been successfully used in airport hold baggage screening for years, considerably reducing the number of images needing to be viewed manually by an operator, helping to speed up screening time.

Operational efficiency

Global director digital market Smiths Detection, Cymoril Métivier, said: “iCMORE Prohibited Items is the latest in our suite of advanced detection algorithms designed to help our customers achieve their security and operational goals. With the well documented staffing pressures and increasing passenger numbers at airports, iCMORE Prohibited Items will be a key enabler for increased operational efficiency and throughput, while also reducing operational expenditure and facilitating resource planning.”

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