Image: SkyWest

GE Aerospace has awarded SkyWest Airlines, a subsidiary of SkyWest a technical license to use GE’s 360 Foam Wash system on its CF34 aircraft engines, making SkyWest the first North American operator to license the patented engine cleaning system.

Estimates are that 360 Foam Wash has the potential to help SkyWest Airlines avoid up to 13,900 metric tons of CO2 emissions a year by replacing some water washes with foam wash for CF34 engine cleaning.

“We’re excited about GE Aerospace’s latest engine wash technology that will help us to advance our carbon-reduction goals as well as enhance our engine performance across our fleet,” said Joe Sigg, SkyWest’s vice president of maintenance.

GE’s 360 Foam Wash is an alternative to water wash for engine maintenance. It can help restore engine performance, leading to reduced fuel consumption and improved time on wing. The process involves injecting a specially-formulated, proprietary solution that reduces build-up of deposits in the engine, which can lower engine exhaust temperatures and improve engine compressor efficiency.

“GE Aerospace is incredibly proud to see our largest CF34 operator, SkyWest Airlines, adopt the GE 360 Foam Wash system. The extra cleaning capability of 360 Foam Wash compared to water wash for CF34 engines can help keep SkyWest Airlines’ fleet running more efficiently,” said Flavio Gregorio, general manager of regional engines and services for GE Aerospace.

The license was awarded following technology testing and equipment training. SkyWest Airlines aircraft technicians can now perform this new cleaning technique on their own to maintain the airline’s fleet of CF34 engines powering its Embraer 175 and MHI CRJ700 and CRJ900 aircraft.

The foam wash system is self-contained, allowing it to be used inside maintenance hangars and outdoors. Foam Wash is approved for use on multiple GE engine programs, including models of GE90, GEnx, and CF34.

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