SkyShare, a leader in private aviation, has announced an innovative financing programme for its fractional aircraft ownership plans.

This initiative coincides with SkyShare’s 15th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its history of providing aviation solutions.

Recently, SkyShare launched the SFX+ programme, expanding its fleet with Gulfstream G450s and Challenger 300s, in addition to its existing fleet of Pilatus PC-12s, Citation CJ2s, and Citation Excels under the SFX programme.

The new finance options make it easier than ever for leaders and entrepreneurs to access private aviation while retaining capital in their businesses.

Flexible Financing for Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership already massively lowers the barrier to entry for private flight by cutting costs as much as 1/16 versus full-ownership, while still providing guaranteed availability and a low-commitment three-year term. Under SkyShare’s new financing plan, potential owners can now kick that barrier to entry down even further with significantly reduced initial investment.

For example, in the SFX programme, shares start at $335,000. The new financing programme requires only 35% of that down ($117,250) and monthly finance payments as low as $2,354.

For the large-cabin SFX+ programme featuring Gulfstream G450s, shares begin at $950,000, with financing options starting at a $332,500 down payment and $6,684 monthly finance payments. This allows for enhanced accessibility and flexibility to private aviation, empowering more businesses to access the benefits of fractional ownership.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter

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