FINN spoke to Marie Bodain, e-Aviation Product Line Manager, SKF about the role and responsibilities of the e-Aviation line of SKF in the advanced air mobility (AAM) sector.

With their wealth of expertise in a wide array of sectors spanning across the industry, Bodain explained the role of SKF in the AAM sector. “We have created a new structure, as we think to better address this market, it requires a lot of agility. We need to develop specific processes and specific ways of working. My team is trying to better understand this market.”

Specific products and technical solutions

“What makes this market-specific is the high volume, the flexibility and high frequency but still requires high performance and quality. So with SKF being in the automotive market, we have the specific product and technical solutions for a range of issues, like high-speed issues and noise issues.”

Partnerships and collaboration

“What is important for us to ensure customers is that we are not only a parts supplier, we are a partner. We are a partner on the design phase, so we work with the customer from that initial step. We also partner during the testing phase and qualification process, all until that final certification phase.”

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