Image: Serco

Serco Middle East has signed a partnership agreement with Pangiam UK to help bring technology-enabled guest experiences to airports in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Focusing on making journeys more effortless, secure and memorable, Serco is partnering with Pangiam, a company that harnesses emerging technologies, innovation and the power of data, to revolutionise operations and the secure and efficient flow of people and goods as they travel through airports.

The collaboration will aim to facilitate faster and seamless processes, increased throughput and reduction in queues, as well as more efficient safety and security checks, using the power of data to optimise these operations. It will also aim to realising government’s visions by designing, developing and maintaining world-class experiences and services for everyone.

Samantha Rowles, operations director in the transport sector at Serco Middle East, said: “For us, the customer’s airport experience starts well before they set foot in the airport; we need to deliver personalised guest experiences that covers the entire journey – from the moment of booking, arriving at the airport, collecting luggage to reaching their destination. The airport is the gateway and the first experience to a traveller’s destination, and we aim to ensure that guests have exceptional experiences from A to B.”

Patrick Flanagan, chief operating officer and co-founder of Pangiam, said: “We are proud to partner with Serco Middle East to bring together our collective focus on technology to create the smart airports of the future. The signing highlights our ambition to further help shape the airports of tomorrow – and for that the UAE and Saudi has a major opportunity to become world-class leaders.”

Dubai International

With airports such as Dubai International Airport seeing annual passenger numbers reach over 66 million in 2022 (a year-on-year growth of 127%), there is a fundamental need to deliver world-class customer experiences to enable the smart connected airports of the future. Serco’s strong 75 years’ heritage in the region’s aviation sector, which already sees it work with major airports within the UAE and KSA, means that it will work closely with Pangiam to enhance the focus on the passenger, whilst optimising performance, growth and cost efficiency for airlines, airports and governments.

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