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Managing director Joanne Wheeler was speaking on ‘Securing’ Britain’s Space Future – Providing a Safe Space Environment for Commercial Endeavours’ at SpaceComm 2021. Her session considered what the UK could and should be working on, with its’ allies, to provide security and safety for commercial and civilian space operators.

Questions on a range of topics – including UFOs

Wheeler explained: “We were addressing sustainability in space and security in space. I have to say, excellent questions from the really engaged audience, it’s really quite impressive and actually a big range of questions even UFOs.”

“Hats off to the organisers. This is the first event in two years that we’ve all been together and to see and engage with people in real life, and network. You realise the importance of human contact, more than ever. So, this has been really an I don’t say this lightly, a phenomenal two days the feedback has been great. The engagement has been great. And I think we’re all inspired to do a lot more, when’s the next one?

Wheeler hoped the next event, taking place in September 2022 covers the same topics of security in space, sustainability in space and commercial opportunities and also investment in space.


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