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The International Defence Conference (IDC) commenced in in Abu Dhabi yesterday, ahead of today’s opening of IDEX and NAVDEX 2023.

The Conference was attended by more than 1,800 leaders and key officials representing defence, security, academic and corporate entities across the world.

His Excellency Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Bowardi, Minister of State for Defence Affairs inaugurated the Conference, which was held under the theme ” Adaption, Exploration, Transformation: Reimagining Security, Society, and the Human Experience in an Age of Disruption”. The Conference featured four curated panel sessions with a total of 17 international speakers, who discussed the potential economic and social consequences resulting from the use of modern technologies, developing talents and managing human capital, the impact of technologies on the future of defence operations, and the latest updates in modern technologies.

Al Bowardi, said: “Today we continue our joint cooperation by discussing the concepts of adaptation, exploration and transformation, and looking at reimagining security, society and the human experience in an age of disruption. The conference is an opportunity to discuss various aspects of the challenges related to the impact of modern technologies on the future of humanity, through four sessions addressing these challenges. But, we must remember that the biggest challenge lies in human’s ability to face the dangers of nature, foremost of which are the effects of climate change.

Security a top priority

“The conference addresses the topic of discovering the following frontier by researching the human instinct to explore beyond the current dimensions of the terrestrial and physical world, and to expand the human footprint in both space and the digital sphere, hoping that these sessions will produce tangible results for the benefit of man. As we seek security in an era of turmoil, we must adapt and meet the realities of the situation in which we live, and on the other hand, we must explore the nature of the challenges and devise the means and methods to take advantage of technological development to manage the transformation process with full awareness.

“The UAE believes in the need for concerted international and regional efforts to establish security, so that together we can instil stability in the countries of the region and the world. Which in turn provides an opportunity to advance the national economy in our countries and contribute to achieving local, regional and global development.”

Al Bowardi concluded: “Security is not achieved by force and weapons, nor by modern technologies alone. But it is an integrated national system that stems from the way of life, the culture and the achievements of society, based on a set of human values and principles that call for respect for the rights of other societies and their cultures, and aims to build human relations with them.”

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