Lighting in aircraft cabins is an essential component for passenger experience as well as airline branding. Schott claims to be the only cabin lighting specialist that is able to realise a “holistic approach” that orchestrates different light elements into one system.

Dr Armin Plichta, Director, Aviation and Automotive Lighting, Schott, told FINN: “Our motto is ‘different lights, one look’.”

He explained: “With all the lights in the cabin nowadays, there is often a difference in the appearance. Our system is able to pin every light to one colour so everything could be exactly the same. Moreover, it’s controlled by an optical sensor so we don’t face any problems. exchanging lamps after two or three years – you will not see any difference between the old lamps and the new lamps.”

Schott’s system can be programmed for sunset, dining scenarios or boarding, for example.

“It’s a combination between the controls for the lighting and the cabin and our lights,” Plichta said.

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