Dr Seyed Mohseni, CEO of SAMAD Aerospace has become the first person to fly in the company’s eStarling, sitting during the demonstrator’s hover test flight.

The company has now successfully completed the first test flight of its fully electric Starling aircraft. The Starling will offer door-to-door human air transportation and high value cargo transportation, especially to remote locations.

The aircraft can transport either one passenger or 100kgs of payload at a speed of 120 miles per hour and range of 220 kilometres. The hover test flight focused on flight control systems and handling quality of the aircraft during the hover.

“Next step to make Starling a reality”

Dr Mohseni said: “It was fantastic to be the first person to fly our beautiful Starling aircraft. The experimental test flight went to plan and was the next step to make Starling aircraft a reality. The fully electric VTOL aircraft will change the future of transportation whilst reducing emissions and carbon footprint. This mission started 25 years ago with a plan to build a winning team and the best in class aircraft in the world.”

SAMAD Aerospace’s team includes professionals in aerodynamics, aircraft design and propulsion systems. The next test flights for the aircraft are already planned.

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