The 200th nacelle that will equip an Airbus A330neo for Virgin Atlantic has been delivered by Safran Nacelles, which the manufacturer said was a new milestone for the engine component.

The delivery marks the recovery of production volumes of long-haul aircraft nacelle programme, Safran Nacelles said. It follows the delivery the 100th nacelle in September 2019.

With its 3.65m external diameter, the A330neo nacelle is as wide as that of the A380, the double deck four-engine aircraft for which Safran Nacelles has total nacelle responsibility, from development to integration and after-sales support.

Air transport recovery

“The delivery of our 200th nacelle is a sign of recovery for the production volume rate on long haul aircraft nacelles,” said Vincent Caro, President of Safran Nacelles.

“Today, our teams, in the factories and beyond, are proud to deliver this product, especially after the impact caused to this programme by the Covid-19 crisis.

“This milestone demonstrates our commitment and willingness to position ourselves in this market segment. Airbus and the airlines can count on Safran Nacelles to support them through the air transport recovery.”

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